January 19, 2011

London Chronicles :O

Spotted crows, swans, black swans, and pigeons. I just saw a crow rib a squirrel but then steal his hidden peanut.

I just walked by the parliament. It was gold in the sunlight, spectacularly gold. And it rang, 3 times because it’s 3 o’clock. I never expected that. So I am pleasantly surprised whilst I write this sitting in a park bench. There’s the most wonderful wind blowing, the kind of wind I so covet all the time… and it’s only my second day here.

The Bremen mask is taking place in front of me right now and for real! Papa duck is yapping about, like a little tune, and there follows his disciple-like family in a single file.

See, if country-side London looks like this I will be complete because right now this expression I used to say is ringing so familiar. I just want to lay down in the grass and die. What’s quite enjoyable about the city is the busy-bee, quirky, and citybound londoners walking through and talking their day-to-day talk. They say wonderful things and since I’m so high on this environment it sounds probably nicer. In fact, this amalgam is perfect. A London park is… perfect! A London park in January is deadly perfect.Gosh I don’t even know the name of the park, though it’s probably something famous as it’s right by the parliament.

It’s a sad thought that I will have to leave soon, my battery is dying and I have to go to the loo and then I’ll have to start looking for a job, get a job have less free time to enjoy this space. In a way that might be good too so I never get jaded… as though I could get jaded.

I’m almost invisible, all thee people walk by… it’s quite like a film.

P.S. Old ladies smile at me J 2 today… such life-loving old women.

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