November 5, 2010

Where my Mind and Tales Currently Rome

I have not made a blog post in eternity.

I just want to say that life and writing a novel are really quite similar, and sometimes you're in the middle of a novel and an assessment of what you've done and what direction you've taken is necessary to continue in the right direction. This middle part is often very rough and doubt ridden but always so enriching. Life isn't like the novel so much because while a novel might need many assessments life can require them quite more many times.

I think in a sort of synchronicity many people involved in my life and many events in my life are currently in the middle part of the process. It's tough, it makes us question ourselves, it makes us say things we don't mean, and all for the sake of evolution and that growth is beautiful...

Oh yeah, by the way, I'm half way done my first draft of 'Orville's Recipe'. I really went awry with it though. It was killing me and I couldn't figure out why. I was totally writing in the wrong direction, making all the mistakes possible. I've remedied to that somewhat. I still don't feel this is the project I should have undertaken at this point in my life considering the demons I must exorcise but I'm going to finish it non-the-less. I am learning a great deal from it despite this looming sense of self-loathing it hangs over my head.

Happy Nano anyone! :D


Texanne said...

Nothing profound, Auguste, just stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year! :)TX

Auguste said...

Thanks Tex, you too! :)