May 31, 2010

13. What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever written?

Currently it deffinately be These Children are Immortal because it's a story I wrote staying more honest to myself than ever before and believing in myself.
I was very excited when I jumped into that project. It feels heavy to me now though...

I'll be fixing it up when I find the time, setting it up for draft number 2, and I'll hopefully rediscover all the love I had for it once.

I do have ideas for projects that I will hold dearer but for now it is spiffy fine!

May 28, 2010

12. Do you ever go back to an idea after you abandon it?

I have never done this yet, but I don't see myself not ever doing it. Actually, as I've said before, I keep all of my scrap notes and snippets of writing just in case one day I choose to go back to them.

May 24, 2010


Well... I got a job. I'm now a dishwasher. I'm not sure what to expect. I start tomorrow so I'm doing my best to build my optimism and positivism. Hope in the midst of work I find fulfilling challenges and obstacles...

More on it later.

May 17, 2010

Does this Entry Count?

There's an issue with goal making... that is, I'm quite horrible at it. Ever since the month started I've been working on that Harry Potter fanfiction and yet I haven't written a single word of prose. I have been busy though, researching tedious details to make sure I get as close to the canonical Harry Potter as possible, but all this often feels pointless, vain, a good excuse not to write, etc.

In fact it is extremely important that I perform all that research; if I don't do it now I would have had to do it later. The feeling of inadequacy derives mainly from the fact, yet again, that I am unemployed and it feels like I am taking all this time for granted (How would I do all that research if I had day work to do), it's also because I don't take the time to write everyday (I tend to take the massive note taking and research as writing). It doesn't really matter what I write or how much I write but I have to write. If I feel I haven't been fulfilling my goals (Firstly because I don't know how to consider research as a goal. All month I've been telling myself "Today I'm going to write" completely overlooking the ominous researching) it's probably because I haven't been taking a moment to write, and Lord I have tons of things to write so what am I waiting for?

I discovered this wonderful website, which will come in handy in calming the storm of anxiety from lack of goal achievement. It is called OneWord, one word appears and inspires you and you then have 60 seconds to write up what desires to come out. For days where I haven't found time to write or haven't been writing, this little exercise is highly soothing.

May 10, 2010

Marionette on the Bookshelf

Well, My blog is now headed with a new header, made by me. It's not quite the quality I wanted it to be...

It's not quite completed but I have been working on and off on this and I wanted to show it's current situation. It was hard to make as I had to scan so many images and make so many layers... I wanted originally to make it all on paper and then scan it in but I ended up coloring it on photoshop seeing as I haven't got the equipment or a clue how to watercolor...

I'll keep practicing though. As I bring changes to this new header I will keep updating it. Hope you like it.

May 8, 2010

11. Do you save everything you write?

Oh, I try, but I'm a pack rat, and an untidy one. I usually can't find all that I write, or I don't know where to put it, and I don't know why to keep it. I feel heavy when I think about all the lying paper and feel miserable at the thought of throwing a page out in case I find it has the answer to life on it one day... In any case, I really do hope to find a way to get organized one day and know where to find the good stuff, the potential rich stuff, the not too shabby ideas, the crap for laughs, etc!

On a side note, I absolutely hate the telephone. I know it's unrelated but I have to call this person to apply for a job and I feel completely helpless. The thought of calling makes me nervous and sad. I never know what to say on the phone, especially if I plan it out, and I have to make a good impression don't I? Phoning people, even people I know well, is the death of me. I'm even considering not trying to get this job because of this stupid stupid obstacle. It'd be a great job too, I have experience in washing dishes, I love being in the kitchen, it's a small enterprise, it's near my home, it's full time... But F***!

May 3, 2010

10. Do you type or write by hand?

First drafts and thoughts and notes and all those preproduction papers are usually always written by hand. Though I put less words on the page and write incredibly slowlyer, my thoughts are clearer and more maleable. Then I take that tedious extra time (like an hour per 1000 words) to type everything up.

I'm not sure whether I would write by hand or type a second draft yet, I've only done first draft to final draft up to now.

Oh, and for things that have deadlines like Nanowrimo and ScriptFrenzy I just type, cause transferring 50 000 written words onto the computer would be death. (Though when I can't reach a computer on a ceratin day I will write by hand, though this chops out so much time once I have to type it all up, I can't miss out on a day). Luckily (Unluckily 'cause it was devoid of any challenge) this year's script frenzy I never had to write by hand in some strange place... I always had my computer.

May 1, 2010

9. Write fan fiction?

What a perfect subject for the first of the month. In fact, I am writing a fan fiction right now and it is my monthly project. I was wondering what project to jump into after a month of writing a 100-page screenplay. I didn't want anything too heavy and I had a fan fiction project marinating inside my head for a while now. There you have it, a light, exciting, but non-the-less educational (for myself most of all) fan fiction.

It is a Harry Potter fan fiction. Common trite you say? Maybe, but I am in love with J. K. Rowling's world and am quite sad I can't write from that world for the entirety of my career (Well I could, I'm afraid the income would be minimal though. Aya!).

You will have on cyberspace, sometime starting this month, the chronicles of the life of Icarus Fairchild. It's set in Hogwarts when Professor Dumbledor himself was a student. Icarus Fairchild is not quite like Harry Potter's tale, it could be canon, and it exploits the magical world as much as possible without being forceful.

In any case, I can't wait to start publishing. I do hope to get a lot of criticism. The bad, to learn to live with it. The good, to keep learning this craft of possibilities that is writing. It would be nice to build a little network as well.

There is much to learn from writing fan fictions. I've decided to throw my reticence aside and go for it. Fan fictions aren't only for fun, they are just as much a learning tool for the aspiring author as writing short stories would be. And they are a great source of fun for the hardcore fan... which I am... hehe

Just on a side note, I am not the kind of person that would write a fan fiction for any good ol' story that I enjoyed. No. I have to be crazy about it, an uber nerd about it. The Legend of Zelda is another good example of something I might write fanfic to (Cause I'm an uber geek for it. That series moves me sooo much). In fact, I have a Zelda fanfic strutting inside of me... first things first though!

PS. Harry Potter and Zelda are the most fanficked franchises... I know I'm the greater fan though. Hehe.