February 11, 2011

Another Walk

I was just walking on Thames enjoying myself. I’ve just arrived at the Tower of London to sit down and write a few thoughts.
I’m finding that some things make me happy and others don’t. That’s fairly simple. I realize that I am a unique human being, that my needs are quite my own and that if they are not like anybody elses… there’s nothing wrong. What if I would rather walk around at night without a worry? Do that instead of try my hardest to make friends in pubs. What if I rather meet people, smile, chat, and leave it at that, instead of try to make them my friends. I’d rather if friendships snuck up on me. I’m not saying I’d rather stop going to events, stop seeing people, stop going out, but don’t go out if you’re not up for it! I don’t have to be up for it the way many travellers are up for practically anything.

I’d love to meet someone who’d enjoy taking walks like these, and laughing. I don’t know where or how. I will meet some though, it’s not like I’ve got to meet everyone now. There is no pressure and that is a comfortable thought.
Anyways it’s late, the tube closes soon, my computer is going to die [/save] so I bid you good night. I love you. Thank you for reading. Enjoy life as I do, in strange ways.

Maybe I Sigh

But it's not so bad.

C'est que y'a comme une langue Québécoise qui me manque.

February 8, 2011

I Have Work to Do

Getting hopped up. Over thinking. The rationalities of living in the city. Of trying to survive. I’ve got a job now. So I feel less alien. I’ve decided to let go as well. Let go of the one I love. No. Let go of trying to love. Let go of trying to try. Let go of trying to let go. I’ll only heal, I’ll only stop going in circles, whence I learn to let go. No stupid distractions. Unless they make mon Bonheur.

Dear Love, talking about you feels stupid.

Follow your heart sounds cliché.

Mine is a cautionary tale.

I can’t write passion.

I have passion.

Oh God…

By the way, this is me at work (At the Old Red Lion) :)

And this is what I see out of the window (High Holborn Street)!