October 11, 2008

Shakespeare is overrated?

From October 8 to 10 I had gone on a trip with school. Myself and a few friends had gone to a theatre festival, 7 hours from home. The festival took place in a little town in Ontario. Stratford it was called. I must say, it was beautiful! Old victorian styled houses with pumpkins and halloween decorations and a main street like in Tim Burton movies.
There we saw 2 musicals and 2 Shakespeare plays.

 Shakespeare... I don't like him much. I can see how he was revolutionary but with all that we can read nowadays he really blends into the crowd, I guess it's why I'm bothered when we excessively study him. I do thank him for what he's done to literature but I'm not interested in looking his way. Well actually it may be Romeo and Juliette's fault. I never liked the
 story, and the fact that every single year of my highschool life we have studied it sorta pulled yarn over my eyes, making me believe Shakespeare was only boring. But other than Romeo and Juliette we also saw Ceaser and Cleopatra which was just succulent. I wish I could  see it over again, it was just beautiful, although the theatre did smell of stinky feet which was disconcentrating.

The last day we went to one of the worlds largest 
costume warehouses, where we weren't allowed to touch the costumes with our oily fingers and there were huge fire proof warehouses. There were amazingly built props, and in the end we had a tiny selection of costumes to wear. (Sadly, there was nothing I was really excited to wear. No peasents clothes of the colonisation years...)

Last thing we did was see the play Cabaret. What a shocking and beautiful play. I went to see scenes from the movie after and wow is it nothing compared to the version I saw. Oh how I wish I was there still. 

Wow there was nothing really inciteful in this post... must I be inciteful? I hope you guys are just... interested...

The famous swans of Stratford...

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