October 2, 2008

My Teacher Asked Me "Franky What's Wrong With You Today?" / "François, ça va?"

While I nibble on this pack of Rockets candy I can't stop thinking of what marvel has just fallen upon my home, my me, this day. This morning I woke up, I felt sick and tired of school and this busy life. My feelings of annoyance tumbled around my mind until simply, they vanished, the moment I took my step outside. The shortest walk, just the walk to my dad's car in the driveway and the smell of cold air and drowsy trees brought me back to life, instantly. It seems the year had been desaturating me and here it is, Autumn, the season I devoted my blog to. The season, the muse to the many good qualities in me, and the rather mysterious perspective I have of life. 

I have an odd belief that the ones who despise this rejuvenating season, and/or the ones who are able to commit suicide in such a soul pickling time never truly saw beyond the dying leaves and cold winds. The melancholia radiated from the season of the dead is a good feeling to me rather than a bad one. Don't you love to sit quietly, listen to the trees ruffle in the wind, watching them swintelfink? Why not love the idea of laying in the grass, letting the leaves fall onto our faces, and as we lay there we leave our shadows on the ground just before we finally disappear again? Finally my leaves have started to fall again, the burden is lesser. 

I'd love to tell you more but I've finished my Rockets and tonight the poetry has already stopped flowing. I wish you knew exactly how I felt. You do know? Maybe a new friend is at hand... 

Je me mets a rêver, le jardin d'éden s'amène a moi, une petite pluie et une odeur de bois. Je ne vais pas traduire le texte au dessus, mais je veut que tout le monde sache à quelle point l'automne m'enchante, et à quelle point il est important dans ma vie! 

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