February 8, 2011

I Have Work to Do

Getting hopped up. Over thinking. The rationalities of living in the city. Of trying to survive. I’ve got a job now. So I feel less alien. I’ve decided to let go as well. Let go of the one I love. No. Let go of trying to love. Let go of trying to try. Let go of trying to let go. I’ll only heal, I’ll only stop going in circles, whence I learn to let go. No stupid distractions. Unless they make mon Bonheur.

Dear Love, talking about you feels stupid.

Follow your heart sounds cliché.

Mine is a cautionary tale.

I can’t write passion.

I have passion.

Oh God…

By the way, this is me at work (At the Old Red Lion) :)

And this is what I see out of the window (High Holborn Street)!

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