July 27, 2010

It Felt Real

I haven't managed this much before, and it wasn't that big today, but I've done it non-the-less and I expect things to get more emotional on my part with experience. I was afraid today. My heart sank and I had cold sweats. That's because I've killed off one of my characters. When I had not written him out yet, I knew he would die but I did not feel too strongly about it. Now that I knew him and came to love him, to hear his daughter's shrilling screams for help made me feel so sad for her and my protagonist.

I've hit a problem now though. The dead man's daughter was supposed to blame my protagonist for the murder, but I don't think she can do that in the state she's in right now... In fact, I think I've made her too loveable. I'll let my muse play with that then.

(Ay, I also made the death scene much more gruesome than anticipated... like blood and chunks of body missing... It's a surprise my story is about delicious egg yolks and ham).

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