May 1, 2010

9. Write fan fiction?

What a perfect subject for the first of the month. In fact, I am writing a fan fiction right now and it is my monthly project. I was wondering what project to jump into after a month of writing a 100-page screenplay. I didn't want anything too heavy and I had a fan fiction project marinating inside my head for a while now. There you have it, a light, exciting, but non-the-less educational (for myself most of all) fan fiction.

It is a Harry Potter fan fiction. Common trite you say? Maybe, but I am in love with J. K. Rowling's world and am quite sad I can't write from that world for the entirety of my career (Well I could, I'm afraid the income would be minimal though. Aya!).

You will have on cyberspace, sometime starting this month, the chronicles of the life of Icarus Fairchild. It's set in Hogwarts when Professor Dumbledor himself was a student. Icarus Fairchild is not quite like Harry Potter's tale, it could be canon, and it exploits the magical world as much as possible without being forceful.

In any case, I can't wait to start publishing. I do hope to get a lot of criticism. The bad, to learn to live with it. The good, to keep learning this craft of possibilities that is writing. It would be nice to build a little network as well.

There is much to learn from writing fan fictions. I've decided to throw my reticence aside and go for it. Fan fictions aren't only for fun, they are just as much a learning tool for the aspiring author as writing short stories would be. And they are a great source of fun for the hardcore fan... which I am... hehe

Just on a side note, I am not the kind of person that would write a fan fiction for any good ol' story that I enjoyed. No. I have to be crazy about it, an uber nerd about it. The Legend of Zelda is another good example of something I might write fanfic to (Cause I'm an uber geek for it. That series moves me sooo much). In fact, I have a Zelda fanfic strutting inside of me... first things first though!

PS. Harry Potter and Zelda are the most fanficked franchises... I know I'm the greater fan though. Hehe.


Jane said...

I couldn't understand the whole fan fiction phenomenon to begin with - then I fell in love with a BBC sci fi show (the Dr Who spin-off, Torchwood). When the season ended, I was desperate for more of the characters, the story, the world - enter fan fic! Good luck with your HP project.

Auguste said...

Haha, I myself have always been coming up with new ideas for tales that have already been told. Growing up with video games and such, and playing a lot of pretend has done that to me.

Unfortunately I haven't written much of my fanfiction yet. I hadn't realized how much planification I still had to do and my month of May passed by me just like that. Now that I'm starting Holly Lisle's 'How to Think Sideways' well I've decided to put the fanfic aside for now. My new project is a fantasy and working on an already established fantasy is distracting (cause dangit I never feel quite satisfactory! :P)

Thanks for the comment though. I don't know much about Torchwood but I hope writing fanfic is as exciting for you as it is for me :)