May 8, 2010

11. Do you save everything you write?

Oh, I try, but I'm a pack rat, and an untidy one. I usually can't find all that I write, or I don't know where to put it, and I don't know why to keep it. I feel heavy when I think about all the lying paper and feel miserable at the thought of throwing a page out in case I find it has the answer to life on it one day... In any case, I really do hope to find a way to get organized one day and know where to find the good stuff, the potential rich stuff, the not too shabby ideas, the crap for laughs, etc!

On a side note, I absolutely hate the telephone. I know it's unrelated but I have to call this person to apply for a job and I feel completely helpless. The thought of calling makes me nervous and sad. I never know what to say on the phone, especially if I plan it out, and I have to make a good impression don't I? Phoning people, even people I know well, is the death of me. I'm even considering not trying to get this job because of this stupid stupid obstacle. It'd be a great job too, I have experience in washing dishes, I love being in the kitchen, it's a small enterprise, it's near my home, it's full time... But F***!

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