April 10, 2010

6. Best plot you’ve ever created?

To this day I think my favorite plot is the one from The Children are Immortal. Though my first draft is full of holes and repugnant actions, it's a story really close to my heart and who I am and I think it gives a different perspective to the idea of disillusion.

In a small town, teenager Christine Byrd's little step brother is found dead by the police after he has disappeared a month ago. Oppressed by the skeptical police officers, her mother's depression, and the stupidity of the world she breaks down. After being observed and studied by two supernatural 8 year olds from another dimension while she threw a violent fit, they try to frighten her to death by throwing her into the vicious river to see how she would react. The wall between the two dimensions is broken for the spilt second of a lightnening bolt, the time for Christine to inherit some of the infinite powers of the twins. This newly acquired magic frees her from the pressure life ensued upon her and soon she finds herself looking for grander reasons to use her powers to the demise of
the immortal children.

I've got a few awesome ideas strutting in my mind right now, all projects I intend to pursue eventually. All full of obscurity and beauty and autumn and music boxes and soul and...

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