March 26, 2010

3. Angsty poetry?

Angsty poetry indeed, what with my over thinking and pointless self-defeat... though I try to stay away from the cliché angst. I live with something I like to call petty issues. They are problems that get me so worked up even though in the general sense of life I don't care a thing for them. I try to stay away from these issues when writing angsty poetry... though maybe it would help to put them on paper?

* Here's a quite repugnant excerpt (I should probably not be posting):
"Something tells me I don't import
While I long for all to see me.
I get attatched to bodies;
A suicidal jumper on the edge of a cliff..."
I'll leave it at that while I go out and take a waft of fresh air to clear the shadows. Boo!

* Here's a not too shabby excerpt:
"Through torture you can get whatever you want
But remember it's my passion you're taking it out on.
We've yet to find a day where my projects aren't at stake
And your power to collaborate, not a dead end fate."

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